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Hip Pain

Non-Surgical, Non-Pharmaceutical Treatment for moderate to severe Hip Pain

“I wanted to thank you for helping a patient I referred to you…earlier this week. She was very appreciative of your thorough explanations of what was wrong with her hip and shoulder, why it was causing her discomfort, and some things she could do herself to help control her pain and improve her function. Brent, thanks again for exceptional patient care. It’s reassuring to know I can refer patients to you and know that they will be treated with the same level of care I try to provide myself.”
– Dr. Lucas Gellis, DC

Patient Testimonials

“You have performed magic! I feel incredible. I’m sleeping deeper, I feel calm and more balanced. Ive finally got down the vitamin times as of yesterday. I’m also taking more yin yoga classes. I cannot thank you enough! ♥️♥️♥️”

“Well, your wizardry knows no bounds it seems.  I feel A LOT better today.  My feel much more calm (more like myself) than I did yesterday (or for many, many days prior), I got a full night of sleep (amazing!), and this morning, I generally feel the least irritated than I have in weeks.  The world thanks you for that last one the most , but I appreciate it all.”

“You’re the best body healer I’ve ever encountered!”

“…I am so happy you’re there to help heal us. So grateful we have a trusted healer in our lives – no one else can do what you do, so please keep doing it!”

“My back is so much better! That treatment was incredible. I don’t know what you did, because it was a little weird, but it worked!”

“…just remember that you were chosen to do what you do and spread the message you’re spreading…You’re a hell of a healer.”

​”I’ve gotten other massage treatments, but I hold yours as the standard.”

“Ryan has no headache today n feels very clear. He’s a believer! I’ll book him for sat next week. Thanks so much! Only took 7 years for him to go”

“I just wanted to tell you what a gifted healer you are. I’m stretching and I was thinking how you always give my body the push to recalibrate itself. I was in so much pain last time. After a couple days of different pain it seems like my body kind of healed itself.”

“I just wanted to say thanks . I felt markedly improved last evening and I slept better than I have in months.”

“Hey…I’m so grateful. This is the best my foot has felt in weeks and weeks. Wow! I’ll do my ‘homework’ and see you soon. Again, Happy Thanksgiving…and THANK YOU!”

​”You have a gift. You know that, right?”

​”After three treatments, my shoulder actually moved.”

“Thank you my back/body feels great!”

“My mom said you were so nice to talk to, and she feels a whole lot better.”

“I’m very thankful for you.”

* Individual results vary. No guarantee of specific results is warranted or implied and your results will depend on many factors (full disclaimer).

Your initial consultation is free. Schedule a phone call
to see how we can help you.

Or, just call 773-809-3694 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

* Individual results vary. No guarantee of specific results is warranted or implied and your results will depend on many factors (full disclaimer).

Our powerful, unique blend of therapies work for
all types of hip pain and hip dysfunction, including:

Why Our Unique Pain Treatment Works So Well...

Tree and Roots

We address the root cause

We are experts at discovering the ROOT CAUSE of your pain, not just masking the symptoms. Our treatments will help you get rid of your discomfort.


We customize the treatment to you​

All of us are unique. Therefore, to assume that treatment should be the same for everyone does not serve you. Your condition is personal, so your treatment needs to be as well.

We help your body heal itself, without drugs or surgery​

We will give you strategies to help heal your pain, and keep it from coming back.
Wagon Wheel

We keep it simple​

We use same, 100% natural therapies to make the biggest difference. The biggest side effect you can expect is feeling fantastic.

Our Process

Staircase going up

STEP ONE: Compile a Clear and Detailed Root Cause Assessment

We will take a detailed history, review any other data you have received about your pain, and listen to all your overall symptoms to get to the root cause of your condition. 

STEP TWO: A Customized and Specific Plan of Action

The next step is to create a customized and very specific plan that takes all guesswork out of your self-care and the treatment strategy we will use, without drugs, surgery, or long-term commitments.
This includes weekly treatments, key supplements, herbal formulas, and simple dietary changes.

STEP THREE: Weekly Treatments to Reduce/Eliminate Pain and Adjust the Neuromuscular System

We’ll begin weekly treatment sessions with the goal of reducing or eliminating your pain and
​increasing range of motion. 

STEP FOUR: Ongoing Assessment and Monitoring of Your Pain and Range of Motion

We will follow up at regular intervals to ensure progress is measurable: that your pain is significantly reduced, while progressively increasing range of motion.

STEP FIVE (optional): Occasional Maintenance If Needed

If needed, we can schedule occasional visits to ensure results are permanent.

Common Questions

What is the treatment?

We use a combination of acupuncture, pharmaceutical grade supplements, and classic Chinese herbal formulas to address your condition. Sometimes, we also add focused massage techniques and bodywork to increase the efficacy, if needed.

How long does it take?

Hard to answer as everyone is different, however if the case is typical, it usually takes between 2-3 months. Keep in mind, very often, this is to normalize your condition, not just mask it.

I already had surgery on my hip to address my problem, will it still work?

For sure. We can still have a profound effect on your hip, regardless of any surgeries, structural deformities, or permanent injuries. Each case will be different. 

​What can you do to help me from experiencing hip pain again?

A part of our work together will be to give you specific treatments that you should do on your own, to help your hip pain from every coming back. All are relatively simple techniques that are super-effective. It will take a little bit of work on your part, but you should be happy with the results.

Do I have to follow a specific diet, or do I have to start meditating?

Only if you want to. We make small suggestions you can take to help increase the speed of recovery. Many of these suggestions have the potential to make a profound effect. But it is not a requirement.

Will the herbs and supplements interact with my current medications?

We are aware of how these will interact with all aspects of your condition, and all considerations will be taken into account. In many cases, our herbal therapies can actually work together, and you may be able to modify your current medication with your medical doctor after working with us.

Will it work?

We will not lie, require up-front commitments, or just saying anything to get you in. The bottom line is your case is unique. We promise to give you our opinion, based upon experience, and let you decide from there what you want to do from there.

Your initial consultation is free. Schedule a phone call
to see how we can help you.

Or, just call 773-809-3694 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

* Individual results vary. No guarantee of specific results is warranted or implied and your results will depend on many factors (full disclaimer).

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