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The best hack for sleep in a decade

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I was turned on to mouth taping about three months ago by my brother, and separately by a mentor, both of whom had been taping their mouth shut for years while sleeping.

My brother told me about James Nestor’s book “Breath.”

I am a pretty avid reader, but I still haven’t read the actual book.

However, I have listened to podcasts where Nestor has been interviewed.

The index card summary is: we are supposed to breath through our nose, not our mouth. And, many modern day health problems can be attributed to mouth breathing.

Turns out Eleven in “Stranger Things” was right.

We should breath as much as possible through our noses – like all animals on earth do.

This includes while we sleep.

Hence, mouth taping.

I use blue painter’s tape, and put a postage-sized piece on the front of my mouth right before going to bed.

It’s a game-changer.

Here’s what I’ve noticed the past few months:
1. I sleep more deeply through the night.

2. I dream more and recall dreams better.

3. I, paradoxically, experience less congestion in the morning, even though I am breathing through my nose.

4. I wake up way more rested.

Consistently the best sleep I’ve had in three years.

Do you have something that makes a huge difference for you regarding sleep?

If so, share it with me. Would love to hear what it is.

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