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Why I love green tea, and the one reason you don’t

cup of green tea
I love coffee. Always have. Probably always will. And, I try to have green tea as often as I can.

The benefits of green tea are wide, and the more I learn about the drink, the more it just confirms that I do love it.

I can bet that you probably don’t like green tea.

Here’s why you don’t like it: You think green tea is too bitter.
You might not know what that means, or you might not agree, but I bet you dollars to donuts that you want to add lemon, or honey, or sugar, or something to green tea because you can’t stand the taste.

It’s the taste of green tea that you don’t like.

I know why: you are over brewing it.

Green tea should be brewed for 30-45 seconds, tops.

Even tea companies mess this up – the vast majority of them say you should brew the tea 2-3 minutes. That is way too long.

Steep your green tea for 30 seconds, then take the bag out and put it on a plate for later.

Now drink it – and enjoy the taste and the benefits.

You can use a tea bag for a few more brewings throughout the day, which reduces the amount of caffeine, while still providing the good stuff.


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