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Meditation – some thoughts

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Dr. Brent Garcia, DACM, L.Ac., LMT  •  October 16, 2017  •  Last Updated: March 11, 2024


So much has been written about mediation. So much has been studied. So many high-performing individuals practice it.

I don’t know if there’s anything new I’m going to say about it.

All I can do is give you my experience with practicing meditation. Maybe share some insights? Maybe share some tools that I’ve used.

A Practice

I think the most important word in the phrase meditation practice is not meditation.

It’s actually practice.

This isn’t some revelation – it’s a recognition by me that I am not going to be perfect at it.

I never will be. And that is okay.

The practice is to do the practice.


Sometimes I sit on the couch. Sometimes I sit in a chair. Sometimes I sit on a meditation cushion. Sometimes I drink tea while I’m meditating.

I do my best to have my thoughts be there and not judge them.

But sometimes I do.

Sometimes I listen to headphones. Sometimes I don’t.

I tried the Headspace app. It was fine. Wasn’t for me.

A friend shared the Insight Timer meditation app. I have enjoyed tracking my sessions, but hardly I ever go back and review what I did. Sharing with friends how many hours I meditate per month, or where I’m located, or what I’m doing now, is not of interest for me.

Periodically, I will use a guided meditation from Tara Brach’s website. She has plenty of sessions available, and graciously allows people to listen for free.

Sometimes I practice the Silva Method.

Sometimes I just sit there.

I don’t do the same thing every session.

How long?

I used to shoot for 15 minutes, first thing in the morning. I do my best.

Sometimes, though, it is one minute. That’s okay.

Bottom Line

It is all okay. 10 seconds of meditation is good enough.



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