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What is an “Elite Body Mechanic”?

Being an elite body mechanic means my job is to fine-tune how your body works just as an auto mechanic fine-tunes the performance of a luxury vehicle. Like a mechanic, I use specialized tools to diagnose, repair, and eliminate the problem. In my case, the array of tools I can draw on is extensive because I am both a licensed acupuncturist and a licensed massage therapist.

My grandfather was an auto mechanic for his entire life, so this title is also a nod to that legacy. 

When you bring your car to the shop, you don’t particularly care what tool they use, but you trust they will use all their resources to get the job done well. I do the same thing for the human body. I am your elite body mechanic.

How are your treatments different?


The primary difference is that I do not double-book myself. When you arrive for your appointment, you are the only person I am seeing at that time.

Also, depending on what we are doing, I could be working face-to-face with you and your condition for the full 60 minutes. The time is all yours.

My model does mean that I am often not the cheapest option on the market. But I make sure that I give my all each time we meet.

I don’t like needles…do your treatments hurt?


Let’s be honest: nobody “likes” needles.

That being said the answer is: not really, but you will feel it. And, that is a good thing. Active, heavy, a little achy…those are all acceptable feelings and what it should feel like.

My intention is to never cause pain, because my experience tells me it is not necessary. I am constantly checking in with you to make sure you are comfortable.

Again, one of the benefits of working with me is I don’t do just one thing; I have many modalities that I can use to produce the best results for you.

Will these treatments work?


We will not lie, require up-front commitments, or just saying anything to get you in.

The bottom line is your case is unique. You know it and so do we.

We promise to give you our opinion based upon our experience, available research, and what you value most. We then will let you decide where you want to go from there.

Can I still see my doctors, my chiropractor, my physical therapist, etc.?


Yes. We encourage that. We are not an “instead of” provider.

We believe in being fully integrative and collaborative to provide superior care for you.

Do I have to follow a specific diet, or do I have to start meditating?


Only if you want to. We make small suggestions you can take to help increase the speed of recovery. Many of these suggestions have the potential to make a profound effect. But it is not a requirement.

How long does it take to see results?


Hard to answer as everyone is different, however if the case is typical, it usually takes between 2-3 months. Keep in mind, very often, this is to normalize your condition – in other words, to solve it – not just mask it.

That being said, we will know in a few treatments if your condition is moving in the right direction, and you should start seen results very quickly.

Will the herbs and supplements interact with my current medications?


We are aware of how these will interact with all aspects of your condition, and all considerations will be taken into account. In many cases, our herbal therapies can actually work together, and you may be able to modify your current medication with your medical doctor.

Do you accept insurance?


We are considered an out-of-network provider. Upon request, we can provide you a superbill to aid you in getting reimbursed directly from your insurance company.

We require payment in full at time of service. We accept cash, checks, all cards, and Venmo at this time. In the future, Etherium(?).

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