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Herbal Medicine

Use a topical analgesic often

Dr. Brent Garcia, DACM, L.Ac., LMT  •  March 8, 2024


For joint or muscle pain, a pain relief ointment or liniment should be applied to the affected area 2-4 times per day. This is an excellent way to relieve symptoms with very few side effects.

More importantly, topicals signal your brain to bring healing to the area. They remind the body to keep working to heal itself. That’s why you should continue using topicals even after the pain subsides until the area is back to 100% function and mobility.

There are solid over-the-counter topicals available – any of them can help.

The best: Evil Bone Water

That being said, I strongly recommend one particular product: “Evil Bone Water” by Saint Apothecary (

This liniment is based on a classic Chinese herbal formula used to heal fractures and broken bones. It is made with the finest quality herbs in an Everclear base, and it is manufactured in the USA.

Don’t let the name scare you

The actual name of this formula is Zheng Xie Gu Shui. The closer translation is “Rectify [or Heal] Evil Bone Water”…”evil” meaning damaged or broken, not evil per se.

Goes without saying, but I will say it anyway: this is to heal “evil” bones and tissue in the body.

Why it is the best

I love Evil Bone Water because it can be used for anything that is painful and needs to heal: muscle, tendon, ligament, skin, or bone.

It treats all sports injuries, strains, sprains, bruises, and spinal pain. You can even apply it on cuts and insect bites.

Evil Bone Water is currently sold only by licensed acupuncturists and at VA hospitals.

Ask me about it at your next treatment. And remember, this is for external use only.

Not all fish oil is the same


Dr. Brent Garcia, DACM, L.Ac., LMT  •  December 18, 2023  •  Last updated: March 2, 2024


Why is fish oil so important?

Research shows that fish oils support balanced lipids and are heart healthy. Orthomega 820® from Ortho Molecular Products is a fish oil without the fishy taste or “fish” burp, guaranteed by the company.

Are all fish oils the same?

Orthomega 820® fish oil is in a natural form, making it over 70% more absorbable than most fish oils on the market. It also contains the fatty acid DPA, which acts as a fish oil reserve in your body and increases the great effects of fish oil.

Ready to buy?

You can either click on the photo, or if you have more questions, feel free to email or call me.


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Need supplements? Fullscript soon to be online

Here’s why I made the move:

I’m excited to let you know that Wellevate is now part of Fullscript, and I’ve made the switch.

Similar to Wellevate, Fullscript offers you quick, easy access to my recommendations, even more of healthcare’s best supplements, and helpful wellness resources.

Stay connected to my practice and make the move with me. It’s simple to connect your Wellevate account to Fullscript. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Initiate the process through your Wellevate account or emails you receive from Wellevate
  • Fullscript will move all your information over. After that, you can order supplements and other wellness products from my dispensary and have them shipped directly to your door
  • Have Auto-Refill orders? No problem. They’ll still arrive, but you’ll need to set up future orders through Fullscript’s Autoship program
  • There’s no rush. You have until September 7th at which point your Wellevate account will become read-only.

If you have questions, check out these resources to help you with the migration. If you have further questions don’t hesitate to reach out to me or Fullscript’s patient support center.

Why I love green tea, and the one reason you don’t

cup of green tea


Dr. Brent Garcia, DACM, L.Ac., LMT  •  September 18, 2017  •  Last updated: March 16, 2024


I bet that you don’t like green tea.

Here’s why you don’t like it: You think green tea is too bitter.

You might not know what that means, or you might not agree, but I bet you dollars to donuts that you want to add lemon, or honey, or sugar, or something to green tea because you can’t stand the taste.

It’s the taste you don’t like.

I know why: you are over brewing it.

Brewing green tea

Green tea should be brewed for 30-45 seconds. No more.

Even tea companies mess this up – the vast majority of them say you should brew the tea 2-3 minutes. That is way too long.

Steep your green tea for 30 seconds, then take the bag out and put it on a plate for later.

Now drink it – and enjoy the taste and the benefits.

You can use a tea bag for a few more brewings throughout the day, which reduces the amount of caffeine, while still providing the good stuff.



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