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Faith and Reality

Forest Background


Dr. Brent Garcia, DACM, L.Ac., LMT  •  March 20, 2020  •  Last Updated: March 16, 2024


Note: the original blog post was written, if you notice the date, the day before the Stay at Home order began in Illinois. We were about to embark into the COVID19 pandemic. Honestly, I had forgotten what Collins’ article I referenced.

Here we are almost four years later, and the article is just as useful, albeit for different reasons.

Below, is the original three-sentence-plus-a-link blog post. It was titled, “The Absolute Best Thing You Will Read Today.”

What follows is updated, re-titled, re-edit, and revised.

This link will take you to Jim Collins’ website, author of Good to Great. This is a 2-3 minute read. It has the power to change your current reality.

The Stockdale Paradox

In a nutshell: Stockdale was an admiral for the USA during the Vietnam War. He was tortured, but made it out where others didn’t. The key to his success he credits to having unwavering faith that he would prevail and at the same time willing to face the brutal facts as they were. According to Stockdale, the prisoners who did not make it were the Optimists.


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