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Why I started taking cold showers

shower head with water

I have been taking cold showers since the Fall of 2015.

All-the-way cold. No matter the season. No starting with warm, and easing into cold.

I take showers that start and stop cold.

It started become some of my friends and colleagues started to take them, and tell me about their experience.

Why do them?

I wanted to start the day off with a win. I wanted to have something in front of me that, at the very least, had my mind go, “Are you sure you want to do this?” and even if the answer was, “Hell no!”, I would do it anyway. I wanted to have the satisfaction of overcoming the obstacle. Quiet the mind a bit.

Also, there is some good evidence out there to suggest that cold showers help increase immunity and decrease fat.

Regardless, I just taking them, mentally and physically.

No, not every shower is cold – after I train or an infrared sauna, I will typically take a warm shower.
But that first shower of the morning, each and every morning?

As cold as the faucet will go.

I even started taking 10 minute long cold showers periodically. I set a timer, and stand there, until the timer goes off, and then I go 30 or 60 seconds more, just to make sure I was under the cold water for 10 FULL minutes.

I love focusing on my breathing. I love accepting what the cold water gives me, teaches me. I crave the challenge, and I love the win.

Give it a try.

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