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Kaizen – Getting Just a Little Bit Better Everyday

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“The brain cannot ignore a question.”

I listened a podcast about The Kaizen Method on the Art of Manliness website.

Since my first listening, I have re-listened three times.

A laypersons definition of Kaizen is a making consistent, very small improvements. Not a new concept for me, but this particular conversation about it is really powerful, and really practical – two of my favorite criteria for things that make me better.

If you are a patient of mine, be ready…I will be implementing this with you immediately. I have noticed over the years that the higher the number of suggestions I give to patients, the less they seem to do. I notice that in myself as well.

When only one small change is given, it is much easier for people to accept and implement into their lives. Given enough time, this then becomes a habit – which is the goal.

Often, this can take the form of a small question you ask yourself. Your brain can reject, experience fear, or otherwise ignore a grandiose one: “How can I fit in 10 minutes a day, three times a day, every day, of self-care on my shoulder?”

Better to ask yourself: “Where can I find 45 seconds each day to treat my shoulder?”

The brain cannot ignore a question. If its small enough, the brain can find an answer.

Give the Kaizen podcast a listen.

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